DVD Flick :-Convert various PC video formats to a DVD

Convert various PC video formats to a DVD that can be played on pretty much any standalone DVD player.

DVD Flick is a simple but at the same time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take several video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set.

DVD Flick is Open Source, meaning that anyone can download and view or modify the program's source code. It also means that it is absolutely free of charge. Several external programs are used by DVD Flick to do the dirty work like encoding and combining of video material. All of these programs are free, some are Open Source too.

DVD Flick can read and use the following file formats out-of-the-box:

* AVI type 1 and 2 files (.avi)
* MPEG files (.mpg)
* MPEG audio files (.mp2\.mp3)
* MPEG-4 files (.mp4)
* Matroska files (.mkv\.mka)
* Vorbis files (.ogm\.ogg)

And any other format as long as the appropriate DirectShow filters are installed for it.

What's New:

* Added: Option to ignore an audio track's delay (audio track edit window).
* Added: Option to verify a disc after burning it.
* Added: Option to eject the tray after burning a disc.
* Fixed: Bug that would cause menu generation to die early on.
* Changed: Better subtitle short duration detection (kbosward).
* Fixed: MPEG-2 stream copy bug, source height was ignored.
* Fixed: A few issues with large system fonts.
* Fixed: Encoding of H264 in Matroska.
* Fixed: Wrong menu preview image when loading a project.
* Fixed: Wrong highlight\select colors in menu preview.
* Fixed: Subtitle reading bug on some UTF-8 files.
* Changed: A message now shows up if a project file is invalid.
* Changed: Listview improvements.
* Changed: Upped scene change detection sensitivity.