Memtest86+ to Verify Memory Error on PC system

If you always do overclocking on your PC trying to boost up its performance, you may want to ensure the system is not hitting the limit that it can go. There are various ways that you can check for error but if you are looking for simpler but yet an effective method, you can try the open source memory test program named as Memtest86+.

When the program is being executed, the powerful utility actually writes a series of chunk data with multiple patterns into the memory cells and then read them back. It compares the write and read data consistency and will flag out if there is any mismatch that indicates the memory data corruption. All these are being done automatically without any users intervention.

There are few ways to run the Memtest86+. The simpler one is to download the ISO image and burn it into empty CD as a bootable media so that you can reuse it anytime whenever there is a need. Take note that you may need to set your PC system boot device priority in BIOS so that it can detect and boot from CD directly.

The latest version 2.11 has been added with new Intel processors and chipsets support such as Intel core i5 CPU, GM45/GM47/GL40/GS45 mobile chipsets and etc. If you have doubt that your PC blue screens or crashes could be potentially due to memory corruption issue, you can get a free download here to verify and ensure that all your DIMM/SODIMM memory modules are working perfectly in your system.