Keep Files and Folders Invisible On USB Drive via WinMend Folder Hidden

Users who need to travel due to the nature of their work tend to carry along a USB drive instead of lugging along their laptop. They can just plug in their USB drive to any computer to copy or transfer data conveniently. While this may be convenient, users must want to give a thought to security instead of just leaving caution to the wind. This will of course increase the chance of their files being infected by viruses. More importantly, users must be careful as the confidential data kept inside the drive can be easily leaked out when the portable USB drive goes missing or gets stolen. There are various measures for users to protect their USB drive such as encrypting the data, locking the drive, etc. Sometimes these security measures may incur some costs. If you are one of those who have to travel with your USB drive but do not want to pay extra money, WinMend Folder Hidden offers you a simple but effective way to protect the information in your USB drive.

How does it work? The free app WinMend Folder Hidden functions in a rather simple way. Users can download and install it in their portable USB drive. Once it is installed, users will be required to enter their user name and password when the program first runs. Users will then be prompted with the program window where users can add files or folders to be hidden inside.

When the folders are hidden, users who do not have the correct password when running WinMend Folder Hidden will not see the folders. The hidden folders will remain invisible to others until a correct password is entered.

A program such as WinMend Folder Hidden will be useful when you pass your USB drive to friends, colleagues, students or customers to copy or print some files and you worry that they might browse the sensitive contents inside the drive. This free program is useful for most users as there is no additional costs incurred. However, corporate users who keep data of multi-million dollar projects inside their drive is recommended to find more advanced and powerful security tools.