Restore Desktop Icons Shortcuts and Wallpaper with IconRestorer

Have you ever encountered icons shortcuts position on the Windows desktop become scrambled or your favorite wallpapers disappear especially after rebooting computer due to hang or screen resolution being changed? Regardless of what root cause is it, if you would like to restore shortcuts position or wallpaper according to what you have arranged or configured previously, IconRestorer is a good utility that able to help you achieving it.

IconRestorer has a capability to save the position of icons shortcuts and wallpaper on Windows desktop. It can be used to place icons back to original position and restore the wallpaper. The layout of icons position and wallpaper can be saved manually or automatically and each screen resolution can be saved separately. You can schedule to save backups at every pre-defined duration and the backup can be stored up to 10 different copies. When it is needed to restore icon position and wallpaper from backups, you can choose to restore from any saved backups. On top of this, IconRestorer allows you to toggle desktop mode between icons and list view.

IconRestorer is absolutely free to download