How to make backups of all your drivers ?

Driver Magician Lite 3.55 free program creating backup copies of your computer device drivers. After the program displays all the drivers, we mark those that interest us, click Start Backup, select the directory where you want to save a copy of the driver and you're done.

If you've ever regretted formatting the PC without having to time a copy of the drivers you have installed now you're in luck because with this simple application you can create a backup of them all.

Thus, we avoid the tedious search of all those drivers who have lost or got off the Internet.

You only need to mark the drives that we want to keep and then click the Start Backup to start copying all those files. The copy can even be saved to any location provided that you specify. The duration of the operation depends on the total size of all files can spend a few minutes at a time higher.

To re-install on your PC only have to choose the folder where you copied and press the Restore option. Within minutes you can again have the drivers for your devices without any installation.