Make Firefox run faster than ever

 SpeedyFox program to speed up Mozilla Firefox which is known to most Internet users. Browser is fast, but over time the speed of this is lost. In solving this problem comes SpeedyFox. The tool optimizes the base of the Firefox browser and start making use of the appreciably faster. Support for the program comes down to his boot and one click.

Firefox has become one of the major browsers in the world thanks to its plugin system, speed of navigation and the tab system that makes browsing endlessly through the Internet.

The only problem is that using Firefox is constant, this is losing properties, stability and speed on everything, so it is necessary to perform a general cleanup of certain files in order to fly back across the network.

SpeedyFox  is a small application by which we can give an extra touch of speed to Firefox, and that after cleaning done by the program can multiply up to 3 times the speed of the browser starting, will improve the management of history and we operate much faster with cookies.


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