Want to Block access / password protect any Windows application [ How to ]

WinGuard Pro  is a program that protects important files on your computer and allows other applications to alter the important settings in your system. With this program you can lock the desktop, My Computer, Internet access, downloading files from the Internet, installing new applications and much more.

WinGuard Pro can be used to password protect your programs and web pages. The program allows you to choose a password and specify which options you want to lock. We have a wide list of options given in the list of explanations. In addition, you can lock the installation of applications, Internet access, reset buttons and many others.

WinGuard Pro is a small utility that lets you block access to any program in Windows: Control Panel, File Explorer, the Run menu, etc..

When you open this program, any applications you have selected may not be enforced without the corresponding password. In addition, you can even restrict access to Windows putting a password logon.

WinGuard Pro  has a simple interface with which you will not have trouble configuring multiple program options according to your tastes and needs.