Enable Chrome / Opera like "Paste and Go" in Firefox [ How to ]

There is a great browsers war out there and Firefox is my favorite, But there are some flaws llike "Paste and Go" feature is missing in firefox.. If you copy  an URL from somewhere and want to open it in new tab, Chrome and Opera has the option, you can right-click on the address bar and there you see an option which reads ‘Paste and Go’, however while on Firefox, you don’t have an option like this, here you will have to first paste the link and later hit the enter key to open the link.
Paste and Go 3  is a Firefox add-on which allows you to enable this feature in Firefox as well.
Paste and Go 3 lets you Paste URL/Text and Load/Search It Immediately.
You can Paste and Go by:
- Select "Paste and Go" on context menu of URL bar
- Press the "Paste and Go" button on the tool-bar
- Keyboard Shortcuts: Accel + Shift + V (default)
You can Paste and Search by:
- Select "Paste and Search" on context menu of Search bar
- Press the "Paste and Search" button on the tool-bar
- Keyboard Shortcuts: Accel + Shift + S (default)
- Middle click on engine button
- Middle click in the drop down menu of the search engines
- Hold Accel and Shift, repeatedly press S until the engines you wanted selected, then release Accel and Shift
(Accel: Control on Windows and Unix, Command on Mac, configurable.)