Send Free SMS World Wide from your own Mobile Phone & use Mobile Number As SENDER-ID

There are lots of websites from which we can send free SMS, but these websites have limited services and many drawbacks. I feel that most of them are filled with tons of advertisements, pop-ups etc. So its not comfortable, I mean that sometimes we only have to send one or two SMSes but because of these  mess-ups it will take lots of time.

I have already posted about free SMS services like  FreeSMS client and Yahoo Messenger. Now the FreeSMS is not working. Yahoo Messenger SMS delivery is ok but it has services in limited countries.

 JaxtrSMS is a new service from Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of hotmail. It allows you to send free SMS to any mobile number across the world. The attraction and plus point of JaxtrSMS is that  you can use your own mobile number as sender ID

First you will have  to register with the service using your mobile number and then verify your account with the link you receive to your mobile in SMS. Once you have confirmed the number, you can start sending free SMS.

JaxtrSMS app is available for major platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and Nokia phones. After a successful installation, using the app interface you can access contact list and select the mobile number you want to send SMS, enter message and hit send,  that's it. If the receiver doesn’t have JaxtrSMS app installed, messages will appear as a normal SMS in their phone.

I have tested the app on Android platform and the service worked smoothly. Make sure that you use the correct country code while sending the SMS.

You can download the app for any of these mobile platform from here.Don't worry, app for Windows Phone 7  can be expected soon.

Android     iPhone        Symbian          BlackBerry          Java


  1. Hi Sir, thanku so much. this apps works. instant sms delivery

  2. I love this app, gud softwares and tips, nice site.

  3. hi admin thank you, tested this app on my iphone. working very well

  4. Valuable info abt hotmail!!, T.C

  5. how to download this  free sms file to mob????

  6. The easiest way to download is to visit this page on your mobile and
    click on the appropriate download link provided at the bottom of this
    post (Android, iphone, Symbian .. etc).

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    Awesome.. Thanks for the post and share!.. Great stuff!.

    Have you seen this website as well?

    Completely Free and NO registration!

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  10. The majority of extern links in this site are dead !!!


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