Fix and use your not working / damaged keyboard keys with a Software

Some days before I went to one of my friend's home. I went there for some personal reasons. But when we were talking he told that he has some problem with his laptop.

The problem was that  some of the keys on keyboard were not working. He made the contacts with the hardware vendor but they said that as laptop was an old model there is no stock of that keyboard and will take some time to get it replaced. He asked me if there is any quick fix for this issue. I said even if I'm not a hardware expert I will make a try and then I took the laptop to my home.

I went through it and fixed all the keys except the key "A". The circuit associated with key "A" was physically damaged. I was thinking what else can be done to resole this issue, then I thought that he could be opted for OnScreen Keyboad (Type OSK.exe on RUN) but then it was not a solution for him because it takes time and he is a chatty boy! Then another solution was to use Desktop USB keyboard on his laptop. But as you know it also has some drawbacks.

Then I got an idea, that is to remap keyboard. Remapping keyboard can be done through some registry hack but it also takes some time. Then I remembered about a free portable program that remap keyboard with some clicks :) , its called MapKeyboard. By using this I solved the problem.

Sometimes you might also come across the same problem. Then you can also try this. Here is it.

 Its a very simple program. In my case the key "A" was not working so I changed it to key " ` " as its a rarely used key. To remap a key select a key as shown on the above screen shot and then remap it to the key that you think is appropriate. Then click "Save layout".

Sometimes a warning message might occur, click continue and log-off or restart your computer / laptop that's it. MapKeyboard needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, if you don’t have it installed, download it from here.


  1. wonderful tip, thanks manu

  2. thank you so much. my old lap got a new life :)

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  4. how can i download ms office 2010



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