1Gbps broadband Internet to make its debut in Korea?

Gigabit Internet is closer to reality than ever before, at least for Korea. The Korea Communications Commission has announced a plan that will see the development of a Gigabit Internet infrastructure, available for all Koreans, within the next five years. The cost of implementing the service is high, close to $24.6 billion, but by the time it is complete the entire country will be blanketed in it. Little other details about the Government-backed project are available, but it does appear that numerous providers will be involved in the process.

That will be a pretty amazing feat, if it gets pulled off. The majority of us are using 100Mbps or 1000Mbps switches for our local networks, with our Internet connection speeds being only minuscule fractions of that. To have an Internet connection that can meet or even exceed your LAN speed is impressive indeed, and from there, your bottleneck becomes the major backbone providers and service providers around the world. Some might wonder who needs 1Gbps Internet, yet years ago people thought the same thing about 20Mbps, 10Mbps or even 1Mbps connections. We may not need it now, but the nature of the Internet is to create the need for it.