Download Subtitles for Movies with Free Sublight

Manually searching for subtitles for your movies can be a waste of time because there are so many versions and languages, most of the time I ended up testing one by one until I found one that matches the movie and doesn’t go out of sync. More than a year ago I found 2 useful software called Oscar and SubDownloader that is able to search for subtitle that will definitely match your video file using hashing algorithm.

Well both of these tools used to be free and user friendly but now, SubDownloader has turned into shareware that cost €15 if you’re using Windows and Oscar requires an annoying registration which only searches from one subtitle engine. I am not sure when did this happened but nowadays I’ve started to watch a lot of movies and I needed an alternative for Oscar and SubDownloader. Thank God I found Sublight!

Sublight is simple application which allows you to download subtitles for your movies.

· auto subtitle search

· manual search

· preview subtitle before download

· subtitle ratings and commenting

· subtitle lists: “New”, “Favorites”, “Published by me” and “Downloaded by me”

· subtitle download statistics

· all subtitles in primary database are saved in Unicode encoding

· Windows Explorer integration (optional)

· video playback for downloaded subtitles (with just one double click)

· video codec detection

· support for VLC, BS.Player, Media Player Classic, KMPlayer, Windows Media Player, Zoom Player and GOM player

· registered users can publish new subtitles (registration is free and very simple)

· easy to use and modern user interface (featuring Ribbon like UI)

· auto update capability

· you can remove [i] tags from your subtitles

· plugin framework for searching subtitles from other sources

· available in English, Spanish, Slovenian and Serbian language

· support for, Podnapisi.NET,, and database

· SublightCmd command line interface for advanced users (can be used for auto subtitle download, movie title detection, .NFO generator, …)

· application is 100% clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware and is completely free

Sublight interface is a little huge compared to Oscar and SubDownloader which I’ve used before. To search for a subtitle for your movie file, click the Choose button at the criteria for auto search box and browse for the AVI video file. At the right hand side, you can choose what language of subtitle that you want to search for. Finally click the search button. The first one is usually colored which means it is linked to the video file. You can double click to play video with subtitle or just download the subtitle to view it later.

Do take note that Sublight requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and above to run.