VideoSpirit Lite – A Powerful Video Converter Freeware for Windows

Looking for free software utility to convert your media files? There are various software that can help to achieve this but in case you are not fully satisfied with any of them, why not give this simple utility a trial? Named as VideoSpirit Lite, it simplifies the conversion process from one format to another while able to extract both the audio and image from video files easily

Some of the famous conversion formats include DVD, AVI, 3GP, DAT, MP3 and many more which almost covers everything that you can name. During installation, users will be prompted to install a few powerful codec packages that can be used to decode different media files. These code packages such as K-Lite Codec, Real Alternative and Quick Time Player are more than sufficient to cover most of the media clips codec formats available in the market. There are some options that allows users to customize the quality level, FrameRate, Bitrate, codec types and many more to ensure that the converted video quality is up to your expectation.

This is especially useful when you would like to convert media files to formats that can be fitted into certain media players without being limited by its codec types. Furthermore, it can extract any audio tracks and images from the video clips as a all-in-one solution without the need to look for alternative solutions. Consumed around 10MB, the freeware is available for download here for immediate use.