ViGlance – Windows 7 Super Bar for Windows XP

If you have decided not to upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7 in the near future and would like to stay back with Windows XP, but on the other hand would like to experience and get a feel on how Windows 7 looks like, here is a good news for you. By having ViGlance installed, you can now enjoy Windows 7 super bar feature on your existing Windows XP based computer without the need of upgrading.

ViGlance is feeware and once you have gotten it installed, all windows related processes will be grouped together and this has made the taskbar cleaner and more organized. Based on the fact that people tends to respond better to pictures compare with text, so you will notice that the taskbar icons size have been changed to 48X48, which is bigger as compared to the normal icon size (16×16) as displayed in Windows XP/Vista. Besides, the ugly start button will be replaced with a small and efficient start orb which is having the same appearance as in Windows Vista, but the difference here is it has been enhanced with a smooth fade transitional rollover effect. Another major difference that you will notice is when you mouse over on each group of application appeared in taskbar, the respective applications’ information will be displayed via the glide animation and it can be dynamically resized according to the size of the available information. By having this 7 style transition effects, all information of each applications can be viewed at first glance by moving between each group of applications
on the Super Bar.

ViGlance is definitely a great tool for you to experience on how Windows 7 behaves at the Super Bar. One minor defect you might need to take note is, in order for 48×48 icons to function properly, you need to get the taskbar unlock, double its size by extending it upwards and then lock it again. If you want to rollback to Windows XP feature, just go to Add or Remove Programs to uninstall it.