Want a Safer Online Experience? Follow These Tips

These days, you can pretty much do everything online. However, if you want to access specific services, you will most likely need to register with them i.e. create a digital account. The most obvious need for a digital account is to access social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Another aspect is for online banking.

Of course, the more you use the internet, the more concerns you may have about having a safe online experience. While no service is completely secure from attack, it’s a common fact that the vast majority of attacks involve harmful behavior on the part of the users themselves. Here are a few tips to protect your digital accounts from attack:

Have Strong Passwords: Okay, so it’s easy to use your wife’s or dog’s name as a password or loved one’s birth date for a PIN. However, remember that using such weak passwords is a recipe for disaster. Instead, pick a random word and throw in some alphanumeric characters like @, #, $, etc.

Don’t Repeat Passwords: While I agree it’s tough to remember passwords for a million sites, avoid falling into the trap of using a single password for all your online services. If you get compromised on one site, the attacker can now access your other accounts as well. Vary your passwords, especially the ones for important accounts.

Watch What You Say: When online, it’s easy for someone to get carried away on chats and social networking sites. The problem with this is that you may get carried away and accidentally divulge a little too much personal information. Hackers are often waiting for mistakes like these, which they can then use to exploit your computer.

The above tips may seem like a repetition but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow them. What other safety tips do you have for internet users? Let me know.