EncodeHD is an easy to use video converter with a no-fuss interface, that enables you to convert your video files to a variety of home video and portable formats (with support for H.264 encoding), including AppleTV, YouTube HD, iPod, iPhone, PSP, XBox, Zune, Blackberry and others. Simply select one of the pre-configured profiles, load one or more video files and click a button to convert. Other features include auto-splitting for files larger than 4GB and optimization for TV output. EncodeHD makes use of FFmpeg, Atomic Parsley and MP4Box.

The following output device types are supported:

* Apple TV
* BlackBerry (8100) Pearl
* BlackBerry (8200) Kickstart
* BlackBerry (8300) Curve
* BlackBerry (8700) Electron
* BlackBerry (8800) Indigo
* BlackBerry (8900) Javelin
* BlackBerry (9000) Bold
* BlackBerry (9500) Storm
* iPhone
* iPod 5G
* iPod Classic
* iPod Nano
* iPod Touch
* Nokia E71
* Playstation 3
* T-Mobile G1
* Western Digital TV
* X-Box 360
* Youtube HD
* Zune
* ZuneHD

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