How to make copy protected DVD and CD

Not a lot of free options are available to protect data on DVDs and CDs. Probably the most common solution is to password protect or encrypt data so that it can only be accessed after providing a password. But that usually does not protect the data from being copied to another device for further analysis.

Power Disk Lock is a free software program that provides access to another option. It looks a lot like one of those game copy protection schemes as it can add different kinds of data protection solutions to the disk. Some of the options provided include preventing that data is copied or extracted from the disk, to create large fake files and folders to increase the size of the disk, to add other extra data like bad or weak sectors or to detect disk emulation programs like CloneCD.

The program basically allows a user to create a disk image that includes several methods of protecting data on the disk. The main question that users have to ask themselves is about the effectiveness of the program. There usually is a way around those copy and data protection schemes and it won’t be different in this case. It will probably keep the average user puzzled and locked out but it is likely that experienced users find a way to overcome the protection.

  • Burn Data on Disc With Lock on the Fly .
  • Ability to Make and Burn Normal and Protected Standard ISO File (*.iso) .
  • Ability to Detect Illegal Copy (Anti Alcohol 120% , Clonecd ....) .
  • Anti Extracting Data From Disc and ISO File (Anti IsoBuster ....) .
  • Anti Copying Data From Disc .
  • Ability to Hidden Data From Operating System .
  • Ability to Resizing Each File and Each Folder up to 4GB Witout Destroy Extra Space on Disc .
  • No Need Extra Data Like Bad Sectors , Weak Sectors ....
  • No Need Special Disc or Device .
  • This Program Use "Detect Illegal Copy" Method .
  • This Program Use "Detect Illegal Copy" Method .

No information on program compatibility are given. It seems to require the Microsoft .net Framework