Update all your friends easily on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in a click

There are many Twitter desktop clients out there, but they usually focus on your own personal timeline and that's all.

TweetDeck takes all the information contained in your Twitter account and divides it into more manageable pieces, making twittering even easier and more enjoyable. Being based on the Adobe Air platform, TweetDeck features a sleek, dark interface where you can view your twits in a three-column structure, separated by message type (regular timeline, direct messages and replies). You can even organize your Twitter contacts in groups for better handling.

Of course, TweetDeck also allows you to update your own Twitter timeline from within the program. Just click on the "Tweet" button and you'll open a text field to write.

Update in a click

Update all your friends easily on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Easily compose messages in the update window, view your character count, and then broadcast it to the world.

Plus with just a few clicks you can add and shorten a link, send a picture or record a short video to share.

With TweetDeck you can follow your friends on Twitter, update your own account and organize information in a much comfortable way.