Detect and remove rootkits hiding in your system

GMER is an extremely useful tool that analyzes the record of our system for rootkits. A rootkit is often identified as a trojan, but rather is a complementary element whose function is to hide the traces of malware on your computer.

GMER is an application that detects and removes rootkits .

The rootkit is maintained by some hidden malicious applications that run without our knowledge in the system.

With GMER we really reliable way to locate any rootkit that is hosted on our computer because the program performs a deep scan which is not saved anything.

Processes, files, registry or drivers are some of the elements that the program looks to help us keep our computer more secure, and completely clean of malware these pesky allies.

It scans for:

  • hidden processes
  • hidden threads
  • hidden modules
  • hidden services
  • hidden files
  • hidden Alternate Data Streams
  • hidden registry keys
  • drivers hooking SSDT
  • drivers hooking IDT
  • drivers hooking IRP calls
  • inline hooks
  • Comments