Recover data from damaged drives, CD, DVD with Encopy

Encopy program with very low weights to recover data. The program is useful when standard system copy failed. Encopy trying to recover data (for example, CDs), and even in some cases can restore damaged files. How to give authors of the program, rather we can not expect a 100 per cent efficiency, but in most cases the recovered data suitable for use.

For sure that more than once you have been unable to access a Certain diskette, CD, DVD or any other kind of drive. Maybe, if you had had Encopy installed in your system, the result would have been different.

Encopy Which is a lite tool that will help you recovering damaged data, so you will be able to work with it as if never happened.

It can even create a report including the activity log, so we will be able to know how useful it has been for us.

Of course, there are some devices damaged Which can't be recovered, but most of them can be accessed and recovered thanks to Encopy.