Add Google Buzz Button in Blogger [ How to ]

Google's Buzz is the new service with which Google has made its efforts to make its own contribution to social media scenario. Here's how you can add a Google Buzz button on your Blogger blog.

Step 1 : Go to layout section of your blogger template and then navigate to EDIT HTML sub tab. There check the " Expand Widget Templates ".Make a back up of your template before you do any changes in the template.

select all and copy"Buzz This" Code

Step 2 : Look up the following tag




and paste the "Buzz This" code above that tag.
Then click save. That’s it Now we have added the Google Buzz Button below the post title in blogger blog successfully.



  1. Where is the code?

    Google Buzz! for blogger blog with Button Cutomiztions…I have written a step by step guide to have a Buzz this button below every post in blogger blog.

    Buzz Buttons with customizations

  2. @Anonymous, Bug fixed... code updated

  3. Now,we can add google buzz button with counter


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