Surf anonymous with Free Hide IP / access blocked sites

Are you concerned about privacy while surfing the Internet, then Free Hide IP is a useful software designed to protect your privacy when surfing the Internet by changing your IP address. The software will protect your identity and prevent tracking of your online activities. It can also allow you to enter pages(orkut, facebook) which are otherwise blocked for your location.

Once you install the application, on the first run, click the Update Proxy list button and it generates a text file with proxy address. Once this is created, you can click the button Change IP and it selects a random IP from the proxy list.
  • Protect and hide your Identity through hiding your IP address
  • Allows you to enter pages which are forbidden for you
  • Changes your IP address (and your location)
This simple tool is helpful for anonymous surfing without revealing your identity


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  2. Hi MonicaGurnani the developers of Free Hide IP is not supporting this program now that's why the page is not found. We are going to post a new program of this type, more better than this. Keep in touch with us.. Merry Xmas and Happy NewYear!!

  3. Get free IP address for other country to surfing anonymously, without showing your identity.

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