Create a wireless hotspot without the need for a wireless router

Virtual Router enables you to create a wireless hotspot without the need for a wireless router. All you need is a Windows 7 (Windows Server 2008 R2) computer with a wireless network adapter and the program will do the rest. Virtual Router takes advantage of Windows 7`s Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology which allows you to share your network connection without complicated configurations, just set the password to secure the connection and start the Virtual Router.
The Wireless Network create/shared with Virtual Router uses WPA2 Encryption, and there is not way to turn off that encryption. This is actually a feature of the Wireless Hosted Network API's built into Windows 7 and 2008 R2 to ensure the best security possible.
You can give your "virtual" wireless network any name you want, and also set the password to anything. Just make sure the password is at least 8 characters.
(Note: You may need to restart your computer or start the Virtual Router service manually after initial installation.)
click here to download virtual wi-fi router


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  2. Super! Just what I was looking for. :-)

  3. Thanks, this is a nice post. But it seems
    that this app doesn’t work on my laptop (DELL XPS M 1530). I really wanted to
    share WiFi with my Android phone so I kept trying apps until I met Virtual
    Hotspot, I know it’s the one. Freeware, easy to install, supports X64, Windows
    XP, Vista etc. Now I am really happy with Virtual Hotspot.


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