Find out which applications are currently using your internet connection


There are  many softwares which use Internet without asking user permission.So it’s better to have an internet  monitoring application which logs every attempt made by your system to connect to the internet.
TCPEye is a network and Internet connection monitoring tool that shows you which applications are currently using your network connection, the server they are communicating with and the country where the server is located. The list also includes information about the process path and, if available, the product name, description and company name. You can right-click on any connection to view file properties, terminate the process that is using the connection or close the connection for that specific process. If you find a suspicious connection, you can use the integrated VirusTotal Uploader to check if the process is a known malware, virus or Trojan. Other features include optional system tray alerts for new connections, integrated Whois lookup, GeoIP Tool, country flag icons, and more.

Support for TCPEye is available from this site