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I have come across a lots of problems I had already mentioned, now I'm in a new place, a new home. I have finally got internet connection from BSNL a few weeks ago.
Getting an internet connection from BSNL, Ohhh!! that was a BIG struggle. Before two months i.e; in September I had applied for the connection. BSNL guys assured that they will provide the connection within 14 days but nothing happened till November 1st. I was making rigorous follow ups but they had their own excuses,

  • The person for section in charge at local telephone exchange said "There is no worker to DIG (for telephone cabling) and I'm not supposed to DIG"

  • "We could have provided the connection within 14 days at that time (when I applied ie: september) but now the situation has changed!!" This was said when I made an  enquiry about the status on October last.

So I decided to mail [not email because they will never respond to it :) ] a letter to the BSNL authorities using the "Right To Information Act, 2005". I got the reply after two days(only the reply not the connection) and after some days finally I got internet connection!